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How do you achieve intercultural dialogue through dance?

Dance to me is a very intimate art form and whenever you enter a community with dance you immediately connect to the heart and soul of that culture. The body is the most direct way of communication between people.

And today as a movement artist I feel I am drawn to the power of human connections and channeling that through the moving body. Currently, my thematic considerations of [community engagement and empathy] had me focused on community based site - specific movement performances for diverse cultures around the world. I believe dance should not only go everywhere and be performed anywhere, but it should endeavor to empower people, to awaken their inner mediation. As the late Alvin Ailey said: “Dance comes from the people and should be given back to the people”

More and more people feel alienated and disoriented from their bodies, senses and physical environment. Pundits often blame such feelings of alienation on the decline of religious and national bonds, but losing touch with your body is so much more important. Humans lived for millions of years without religions and nations: they can probably live happily ever after in the 21st century too. Yet, they cannot live happily if they are disconnected from their bodies. If you don’t feel at home in your body you will never feel at home in the world. Through the active engagement and free presentations of my art, I want people to feel connected and at home in their bodies and in the world. Compelled by the mantra: Think globally. Act locally. I am traveling to communities in different international cities, and unite community members and leaders in an interdisciplinary art practice that uses dance and movement as a centerpiece to enrich the social-behavioral architectural interaction of people with their environment. I am actively engaging, connecting and collaborating with people, community leaders, centers, sites and the environment through collaborative dance presentations, experimental workshops, interactivity, improvisations, conversations and dialogue.

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